Thursday, May 12, 2011

I have been on vacation for over a week now! If you haven't taken a vacation lately I highly recomend it! I don't remember when I took a true vacation. I usually have to drive so I can take all of my work stuff with me and fill orders, this time all I do is answer e-mails every morning to let people know I am on vacation! IT IS WONDERFUL!

My brother and his wife bought a place on the Florida coast that is wonderful! I brought my mom down here so she could see it. We have been shelling everyday and eating fabulous food everynight! We have been on his boat, seen Manatees in the wild along with the Dolphins and of course Aligators! My brother and I get up early some mornings to take photos of the sunrise. My family can't get together without some type of competition (you could say we are a little competitive) so it is Boggle every night! My Mom, being a crossword puzzle person, wins most of the time!

A vacation renews your mind and gives you time to really step back and take a good look at what you are doing. I hope to get home and start working on new designs and the book I have been talking about!

Today my brother gave me a key for their new place, I do plan on doing this again in August. I am going to start stepping away from things a little more often so I can start working on becoming the best I can be! I think in order to be truly creative you have to go out and experiance new things and just enjoy this life - for life is for enjoying!