Tuesday, March 22, 2011

As I prepare to leave town once again I am reminded of how blessed I am to have a business I can pack in the car and take with me. Sometimes I run a little behind on getting my patterns out but my customers have always been so understanding.

I have new patterns started for Mom and I to work on. It is so wonderful to sit with her as we sew and talk. Sometimes she sews and I am on to designing the next project. She is like a machine, I can hardly keep up with her! She is always asking "OK, what's next". I can't beleive what gets done when I am with her! thanks Mom!

I guess it is time to get packing. That is really hard for me at this time of year. It has been over 80 degrees here for awhile and I guess there is a cold front moving back into Iowa! I am going to have to get my winter clothes out again!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

My 5 new patterns! I have had fun trying to come up with some different things! I think that the next "Wool Crazy" I do I will try and do step by step photos so you can see that if you can sew you can do this! I do all of mine by hand, that sewing machine just doesn't like me! I am not a very good photographer but if you go to my website www.apieceofworkdesigns.com you can see them better!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Our newest family member. Miss Kali Mae! Just one day old in this photo! Born 12/06/10

WOW!!! It has been a long, long time since I was on here last! I spent most of my winter in Iowa, there is something wrong with that picture! It was all worth it! My Mom has a new knee! I did a show that I prepared for in Iowa away from my stash! Bless my Mom's heart she is 86, had a knee replacement the end of September and still wanted to do this primitive show we do every year! That was Thanksgiving weekend, we also served 12 people Thanksgiving dinner! My youngest daughter was to have her 1st baby the 29th of November but the baby decided December 6th was the due date! Of course I had to stay and help (darn)! Then came Christmas shopping for both me and my mom, she wasn't quite up to doing allot yet! Then there was Christmas(Christmas dinner)and New Years and finally back home! It took me about three weeks to recover and then we were off to Dallas for the twins birthdays! Anyway I am home until next week and back to Iowa for my Mom's 87th birthday, I am glad to do it! I feel so blessed to have her as my best friend!
I will try and post a little more often! I have designed 5 new patterns since the first part of February that I will share with you tomorrow!