Saturday, September 18, 2010

I just read my sister's blog (Prairie Star Quilts) and she said it was cold in Iowa! I will leave tomorrow for Dallas and then on to Des Moines on Monday! It is suppose to be about 100 here today and I am not sure how to pack! I think I will have to get out some warmer clothes to take with me! I'm not ready for the cold yet! Mom has her knee surgery on Wednesday and then on Saturday is my daughters baby shower. I will be there to help my mom out for a few weeks so I doubt if I will get much new started, I am not sure now if I can even get much done for the show. Oh well, first things first. I am thankful that I can at least take my pattern business with me and work from any where, and I am especially thankful that I can go and help my mom. God willing she will be able to carry on with her antiquing and running around with her friends without the pain!

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