Saturday, April 9, 2011

Back in Des Moines! Mom and I have already been out and about! We really hit the jackpot on the wool! We spent most of yesterday afternoon and into the evening felting all of our new fabric!! We found a Quilt shop in Des Moines, Creekside Quilting, that neither one of us had ever been to before. It is a very nice shop with a very large inventory! Mom, bless her heart, found a few pieces of fabric that she had to have! My mom has enough fabric to open TWO fabric stores, but she didn't think she had those fabrics! We will be busy cutting and sewing today. I have a few new ideas for fall and Christmas and then I will in earnest continue to try and put a book together. This will be a new adventure for me. I have never tried to do this before so it will be trial and error.

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