Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Just when I thought things couldn't get any more crazy-------on top of all other things My daughter has had a new baby,  all of our children and grandchildren were together for our annual family crazy fest!  And it was crazy!  I helped my sister set up for our next "Junk Style" show and we finally finished packing my mom up for Florida, she leaves this Sunday.  I hope she finds some wonderful new adventures, I know she will be happy to be in Florida when she watches the Iowa weather this winter!

I will have a new piece in the winter issue of Primitive Quilt and Project magazine.  I think it comes out in October.  Of course once again I talk about doing a book for Christmas.  I keep thinking I can do this but finding the time to devote to it is hard.  I have several things done for the book and lots of ideas now I just have to find the time!

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