Thursday, August 12, 2010

As you can tell I haven't been able to work as much this week, I have been so busy with my grandson, Thomas. What a joy he is! I am so glad to have this time with him! They start to grow up and get busy and then these times are few and far between! The work can wait! We will be taking him to our favorite resort this weekend where him and Papa can try out the new golf clubs! They tried to go a little last night but when it is 103 with a heat index of 120 trust me they weren't gone long! I am going to continue to work on the book but in the next couple of weeks I have to also get started on the Christmas show! I will be showing what and how to make some of the things I make for the show, I usually make everything "one of a kind" I will be doing photos and step by step with some of the things! This will be a very busy Fall!!!! Don't forget to watch for my sister's quilt on the cover of Fons and Porter magazine!!!! Julie of Prairie Star Quilts!

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