Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I am working on another project today! I was lucky enough to find both a white wool blanket and a brown wool blanket so allot of my projects will be done with these two colors! I love the combinations of white, creams and brown. It is very rich looking but a little prim too! I found both of these blankets at antique malls (really more flea) one had a booth with military items, I found the white one in there and the brown tweedish one in another shop! You can expect to pay anywhere from $15.00 to $25.00 for white wool ones, if you find one for less than that you really have found a bargain! These military blankets are a great find, the wool is wonderful and there is allot of it! I just come home and throw it in the washer (hot water) and then in the dryer! I also found a great pillow (the cover wasn't wonderful) I took the cover off, sprayed it with Lysol then through it in the dryer with one of those dry cleaning sheets (no one is going to lay their head on it). Anyway, If you are starting on your own hunt-one pillow form 13"x15" (doesn't have to be exact) creams, white and brown wool! Happy Hunting!

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