Saturday, July 3, 2010

I got up early this morning to finish the second table runner and even got a photo taken! This table runner has room in the middle for a great Christmas center piece! The finished size, including the tongues, measures 12"x44"!!! It is the same on both ends , one says "Silent Night" the other says "Holy-Night". It is wool, cotton and embroidery! This could easily be done in Wool Felt. Papa is taking our daughter and grand children to the Alligator Park! Thomas has been before but it will be the first time for the twins, I hope they don't get scared! We always talk about Ali gators in the lake but they have never seen one in the wild. I didn't tell them that our neighbor had one in their pool last fall, I don't think they would get in the pool again! While they are gone I will pick up the house and do some laundry, I can never stay ahead of the towels! I also need to get ready to go back to Dallas with them after the 4th. My daughter and I will work on a few projects for her new home and a few projects we are working on together!!!
Of course there will be a lot of shopping, I really miss living over there I always have my list of places that I have to go, but I really miss living close to them!!!!

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