Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I have been working very hard on putting together projects for my book presentation. By the time I come up with the project, make a pattern and then make the project-well it just takes allot of time! I hope I can finish in a decent amount of time because I know it takes awhile after you present your idea and complete your projects to get the book published. I am going to do this! My sister Julie is the one who suggested all of this! Like she said "What are you waiting for, you aren't getting any younger"! At this time my idea for the book will be a bit of Christmas decorating and gifts to give, who knows what else will end up in there! I really am not taking this too lightly it's just that I have never done this before and I am not quite sure how to go about anything other that designing and making my projects for consideration for a book. I was encouraged when I met and talked to a publisher so we will see! Well back to the drawing board!

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