Thursday, July 29, 2010

I know that I can't post pics nor can I really talk too much about the projects I am coming up with for my book so I thought as I work on a project I could talk about the hunt! I have talked before about how much fun it is for me to go out searching for things at garage sales, antique malls and shops or second hand stores! As I work on a new project I will tell you what you can be hunting for! I have completed three projects at this point and so far you could be building a small stash of wools-white, naturals (various shades) light tan. The more variation the better! Real feather wings, something about 2 inches wide and three to four inches long! Old tinsel! The project I am going to finish today you will need an old wood bobbin, about 8" high and a medium brown wool, you will be pulling from your white wool stash too! I do have at least 15 projects on paper for sure at this point it is just getting them done! Bless my Mom's heart, she does allot of sewing for me I just wish we lived closer!

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