Saturday, June 5, 2010

As I unpack from my last trip and begin to put things away, or should I say try and put things away, I begin to get excited about things to come! For many years I have been doing a Christmas Boutique in western Iowa. My sister started this show, long time ago, then a few years ago she sold the rights to the show to someone else. The show is full of folk art, prim and whimsy! I love being a part of it because it allows me a chance to do some of the other things I love besides designing patterns! I get to paint, do paper mache, sculpt santa faces to go with my santas that I make from wire armatures, pose and dress. All of the things I make are one of a kind. I do not create patterns for these items I just wing it! I love the hunt for things to use-garage sales and flea markets! I love finding an old rusty funnel or bucket and filling it with a few of my favorite things! One of my treasures from this last trip was a white Christmas tree, it will be taken apart and used to create part of that white Christmas that we never get in the south! I am always on the hunt for different things to sneak into a santa pack, old Christmas baulbs to fill a glass bowl, antique tinsel, old wool sweaters (hard to find down here). The list goes on and on and trust me I do have a list! Paper mache, hand molding clay and painting are my therapy! I love getting lost in these things, you just never know where it takes you! I added a few photos in the previous post of a few things that I had put in a past show, can't wait to get started for this year!

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