Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I finally got two new patterns on my website! I am working on another one and by the end of next week I hope to have at least two more on the web! I have so many new ideas but it takes time to get them out there! When I first started doing patterns I didn't realize how much was involved! First I have to come up with the idea (the easy part) then I have to figure out how to turn that drawing into a fabric cutout, put all the pieces together, sew it and try to write down the steps I took. I have to put it into pattern form using my computer, writing and drawing, take photos and produce a finished product! I have worked very hard to try and put out a good pattern, I really only like to design the pattern, when I have so many designs in my head I get frustrated when I can't get them out there faster. I love coming up with the idea, sometimes what I see in my mind doesn't always come out just like that on paper! I think you can see why it takes some time to get the actual pattern out there for people to buy!

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Finicky feline primitives said...

I am just beginning to work with wool felt myself. I love your patterns! I can't imagine actually making one from start to finish. I have not even finished my first project yet......LOL and it's a small one. Looking forward to what you create. Cathy