Saturday, June 26, 2010

Well-it is going to reach 101 today and down here in the south that means the heat index will around 115-120! Here I sit working on my wool! There is just something about the wool that makes my heart sing! The piece I am working on now is another table runner! When I design table runners I like to leave a place in the middle so you can set a candle or an arrangement on the piece, depending on which table I am going to use it on! The other piece I just finished is a table runner too, but it does not have a place to set anything on! This last piece I mentioned I will try and get a photo on here by tomorrow! I haven't completed the pattern yet! My daughter and her children are coming from Dallas on Monday! They will be here for a week! I can't wait! It is hard to work on things while they are here so I think I will just have to take a break and enjoy them! I live in a small town so there isn't alot to do, we have a pool but the water is over 90 degrees right now so it is like getting into the bathtub! Not very refreshing but they enjoy it anyway! Mr Thomas likes to go fishing and golfing with his papa, when he's not getting the girls into trouble and the twins (Miss Mia and Miss Sophie) love to work in my work room ! I guess I will have to clean up my mess so they can make theirs! My plan is to have these last two patterns done and on my website before they come!

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