Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I have been sitting here working on my next "Wool Crazy" and as I work on it I think about some tips I should offer! Remember when tracing a pattern that if you trace on the outside of a pattern to cut inside the line, otherwise your patterns start to grow and things don't fit the way you think they should. When sewing your wool appliques onto your base don't pull the thread too tight, it cuts the raw edges of your wool and it makes it ravel. If your pieces are small use a small dot of glue to hold them into place, you don't want to spread it around because it is very hard to sew through once it dries. I also have more tips on my website: http://www.apieceofworkdesigns.com
As I work on these projects and think of more tips I will be sure to include them in my blog!

I should have two new patterns on my website by the end of this week! I am looking forward to getting onto the next ones!

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