Monday, June 28, 2010

I was thinking this morning about building my stash and how I got started collecting wool. As I said before I do this show once a year (Christmas) and it started years ago where I would use it to make wool bags with applique to fill and hang on your front door or an old cupboard door, I would fill with greens and other things! One of my favorite things is making Santas with wool coats, anyway, I guess that is how and why I got started collecting wool! Before there was so many wonderful shops to buy wool, that has already been felted and over dyed, I hit garage sales, flea markets and thrift shops! I buy clothing, blankets (I love these for big projects) robes and whatever else that I can get in wool! I bring them home and throw them in my wash machine using hot water and then the dryer. The clothing I take apart at the seams fold and put away until I decide if I am going to dye it! There are some new dyes out, I bought some at the last quilt market but haven't had a chance to try it yet. I use regular Rit dye and it works just fine, you can combine different colors for a more custom color or just use as is. the one thing you have to be aware of when dying in your machine is the amount of water you are using to mix with your dye. For the smallest load I use two boxes of dye, it just depends on the color intensity that you want. I guess what I like about dying is playing around with the colors, if you don"t like how it turns out over dye it with another color! When I get ready to do a project I have lots of different colors to work with!! Make sure when your are on the hunt for your wool that you look for plaids, checks and other patterned wool. It makes for the most beautiful and interesting finished pieces!

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ronnie said...

How interesting, thanks for sharing and also for the info. on buying wool and dying. I really enjoy reading your blog!