Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We are getting a little outer band rains from Alex today. I don't want to complain because we have had so little rain in the past few months. Living in the middle of a forest it is a little scary with all of the pine trees and such! Everything has been so dry! I am hoping that there is no thunder and lightening so that the kids can still play in the pool! I was afraid that our air conditioner went out on us last night it got so hot in this house! I don't know why I didn't think that one of the twins had played with the thermostat! When I checked it this morning it was set at about 85 degrees!!!! I keep telling my daughter that she should blog about what those two little girls can come up with!!! She says "Mom, I don't think it's funny"!!! If the weather gets too bad we will have to do art projects inside! I didn't get my two patterns done before they got here so I am not sure when I will get them out! My daughter and I are trying to find sometime to work on a couple of new projects, she is so creative, but I think she is going to have to wait until the twins go to school!

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